10 Worst Dressed at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The outfits worn to the opening ceremony of the Olympics usually lean a little more to the cheesy side… You don’t really hear about people rushing to stores the day after to see if they can find an outfit that looks like what they saw parading around on TV. However, all of the countries that compete in the Olympics have had their hits and misses. And the most fun to watch is the athletes who got stuck with the worst outfits…

Granted, the summer ceremonies tend to have wackier costumes, that might be contributed to the temperature. It seems the designers are concerned about keeping their athletes warm, so basic snow pants and jackets are common on the track. Whereas in the summer the designers have freedom to dress their country in random whatever they can think of. But the more creative they get, the more we laugh.

Be sure to check out these 10 images of the worst dressed at the Olympic opening ceremonies.

1. Germany 2012 Olympic Games– The Germans got really patriotic in pink and blue… if only those were the colors of their country’s flag…

Japan Outfit Opening Ceremony

Members of Japan’s Olympic team parade during the opening ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games August 13, 2004. A spectacular opening ceremony launched the Athens Olympics on Friday, lifting spirits in the Games’ ancient birthplace after the host nation was rocked by a drugs drama involving its two top sprinters. KAI PFAFFENBACH/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlive699283

2. Japan 2004 Olympic Games– The women of Japan looked ultra feminine in their floral jackets. And accessorizing with a fan was both smart and fashionable as they were the only ones who kept cool in Athens that summer.

Spain Opening Ceremony Outfits

Aug 08, 2008 – Beijing, China – Spain’s athletes during the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics at the National Stadium. ChinaFotoPress/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: zumaamericasthree326975

3. Spain 2008 Olympic Games– Did somebody say McDonald’s?

United States Opening Ceremony

Feb 1998: Team USA during Opening Ceremony for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Sport the library/Icon SMI 541/Sport the library/Icon SMI/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: iconphotos027601

4. USA 1998 Olympic Games– Because nothing says America like cowboy hats.

France Opening Ceremony Outfit

Aug 08, 2008 – Beijing, China – The French team at the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Panoramic/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: zumaamericasthree389161

5. France 2008 Olympic Games– From the berets to the belts, the french struck gold with this outfit. The ladies even got to tote around matching purses. Like literally they are of the same material as the belts.

6. France 2012 Olympic Games– Ok, France actually looked nice for the London ceremonies, but come on… It’s the Olympics! This is terrible because it’s so boring.

7. Japan 2000 Olympic Games– The Japanese have really proven that they know how to make an entrance.

Sweden Opening Ceremony Oufits

Flag bearer Rolf-Goeran Bengtsson((Equestrian) leads the team of Sweden during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, London, Britain, 27 July 2012. JONATHAN BRADY/EPA/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: epaphotos498157

8. Sweden 2012 Olympic Games– So this outfit was a little… uh… how should we say this… dorky? The matching polo shirts and tennis shoes paired with khakis made the Swedes look a little nerdish.

Czech Republic Opening Ceremony

Team Czech Republic marches into BC Place Stadium during the opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver February 12, 2010. Ric Ernst/ZUMApress/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: zumaamericassix745226

9. Czech Republic 2010 Olympic Games– So their outfits could have looked fine standing alone but when the Czechs all walked in together in Vancouver, it was hard to tell where one athlete started and another began. So much pattern.

10. Czech Republic 2012 Olympic Games– Somebody must have warned them about London’s dreary weather because the Czech’s came prepared in their rain boots and umbrellas.

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