Awesome Pictures of Santa Claus


A Thai scuba diver dressed as Santa Claus swims next to Leopard sharks in a fish tank at the Siam Ocean World aquarium in Bangkok. Dario Pignatelli/Polaris/Newscom, License this from polphotos114682

It wouldn’t be Christmas without jolly old Saint Nick, the one and only Santa Claus. Now, we all know that Santa Claus is a versatile and magical man, but this picture collection shows just what he’s truly capable of. I bet you never thought of Father Christmas as an athletic skier or one to swim around with sharks and stingrays! How about window washing at death-defying heights? You can even spot Santa going water skiing. Okay, we’ve all probably figured he’s gone for a round of golf, but some of these are pretty surprising!

While Santa is certainly happy in his eternal occupation of bringing gifts to kids all over the world on one night, I imagine he’s had some time to develop some hobbies over the years in the off-season. I mean, what else has he got to do? It’s not like he’s on the toy assembly line with the elves or anything.

Here at Newscom, we like to provide collections of some truly outstanding pictures, ones that you might not see every day. Check out the great pictures in this post as well as a full lightbox dedicated to the numerous endeavors of Santa!


ANTA CLAUS takes a vacation on the Central Coast of California and adds his strip of gum to the famous walls of San Luis Obispo’s Bubblegum Alley. Joe Johnston/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom. License this from zumaamericaseight445411


Santa lifting weights, under water, Odessa, Ukraine, Eastern Europe. imagebroker/Andrey Nekrasov/Newscom. License this from ibphotos199444


SANTA CLAUS takes a vacation on the Central Coast of California and puts on a show at the Dairy Creek Golf Course driving range in San Luis Obispo. Joe Johnston/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom. License this from zumaamericaseight446302


Santa Claus, Tim Connaghan of The Kringle Group, LLC, walks a reindeer from California Reindeer Rentals along the shore in Huntington Beach, Calif. Leonard Ortiz/ZUMA Press/Newscom. License this from zumaamericas745400


A diver dressed as a Saint Claus feed fish in the water at an oceanworld in Hefei, east China’s Anhui province. Zhang Hongjin/ZUMA Press/Newscom. License this from zumaamericaseight449689


A freerider dressed in Santa Claus costume, ski teacher Alberto Ronchi jumps in Madonna di Campiglio in northern Italy December 17, 2012. STEFANO RELLANDINI/REUTERS/Newscom. License this from rtrlfive650807

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