Editors’ Picks: Slam Dunkin’ Terrence Ross, Nudists, & Chipmunks…Oh So Cheeky!


East All-Star Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors jumps over a boy as he competes in the slam dunk contest during the NBA basketball All-Star weekend in Houston, Texas, February 16, 2013. JEFF HAYNES/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlfive743891

It must take a pretty brave kid to be standing under a 6′ 6”, 195-pound man bounding towards a 10-foot basket. Leaping over the ball boy, Toronto Raptors Guard Terrence Ross beat out slam dunk reigning champion, Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans, with a crowd-pleasing between-the-legs slam.

Evans put up some pretty impressive moves however, even jumping over a painting of himself on an easel. But in the end, it was Ross who claimed the  2013 Sprite Slam Dunk champion title.

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Jeremy Evans Dunk

West All-Star Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz jumps over a person in the slam dunk contest during the NBA basketball All-Star weekend in Houston, Texas, February 16, 2013. LUCY NICHOLSON/REUTERS/Newscom. License this from Newscom.com: rtrlfive743936

Talk about some interactive art! More than 60 art enthusiasts (and nudists) visited Austria’s Leopold Museum in Vienna–yes, as you can see–in nothing but their socks and shoes. The exhibition “Nude Men: From 1800 to Today,” consists of 300 paintings, sculptures and drawings of the bare male form.

For those who’ve always wanted to stroll through a museum naked, well here’s your chance. I’d book the first ticket to Austria! (Well, not me personally of course…). Check out more pictures of the sans-clothes tour back at Newscom. *Please note these pictures DO contain nudity, just in case you didn’t know.


Feb 18, 2013 – Vienna, Austria – A group of austrian nudists visit the exhibition ‘Nude Men’ at the Leopold museum in Vienna. Patrick Domingo/ZUMA Press/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: zumaamericas969496

And speaking of some interesting cheeks…this chipmunk seems to have no problem stuffing his, with as many peanuts as physically possible! Did you know that a chipmunk can expand its cheeks about 3 times its head size?


This cheeky chipmunk tried to stuff as many peanuts as possible in his mouth for a challenge. The fluffy rodents keen nose picked up the scent of a handful of peanuts photographer Richard Bishop was eating and Mr Bishop, 33, couldnt resist sharing his snack with his newfound friend. Mr Bishop, who was visiting friends in Ontario, Canada, said: “I was visiting the countryside to escape the city for a summer weekend.” Solent News / Splash News/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: spnphotosfour267293

Inspiring Olympian and double amputee, Oscar Pistorius, has been accused of killing his  girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day in South Africa. As the world watches, stunned, new details continue to unfold in this story. Don’t miss many more incoming pictures of Pistorius, Steenkamp, and the impending trial back at Newscom.

Releasing thousands of sky lanterns, believers gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival and pray for the new year’s blessings. At night children will often go out to temples, carrying their lanterns, and solving their riddles.

lit up lanterns

People release sky lanterns ahead of the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival in Pingxi, New Taipei city, northern Taiwan, February 17, 2013. Believers gathered to release sky lanterns as a form of prayer for good luck and blessings. The tradition of releasing lanterns began during the Ching Dynasty when bands of outlaws frequently raided villages, forcing local residents to seek refuge in the mountains. The lanterns were signals used by the village watchmen to inform the refugees that their houses were safe again. The Lantern Festival or Yuan Xiao Jie is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar. PICHI CHUANG/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlfive744298

Around the world this week, even the youngest of children were involved in Pakistan’s Shi’ite protests; while Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest religious gathering continues in Allahabad, India.


A Shi’ite Muslim girl attends a protest against Saturday’s bomb attack in Quetta’s Shi’ite Muslim area, in Lahore February 19, 2013. Pakistani Shi’ites furious over the sectarian bombing that killed 89 people protested on Monday, demanding that security forces protect them from hardline Sunni groups. MOHSIN RAZA/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlfive747670

This man’s yoga poses have clearly surpassed my own…


Procession of Nagas after their bath in Ganga river. Millions of people come to Allahabad for the pilgrimage Kumbh Mela. The pilgrimage is held every three years rotating between rivers and goes on for about a month and a half. This years Kumbh Mela began on January 14th. Quentin Top/ZUMA Press/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: zumaamericas969549

In bright, stunning and perfect gold glory, U.S. skier Mikaela Shiffrin shows off her medal – hitting the most perfect light, glowing for all to see (and envy)!


Mikaela Shiffrin of the U.S. shows her gold medal during the medal ceremony of the women’s slalom event at the FIS alpine skiing world championships in Schladming February 16, 2013. DOMINIC EBENBICHLER/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlfive742979

No matter where you are in the world, synchronized swimming looks easy, but assuredly, it never is. Those ladies must have legs of steel! Check out even more of our amazing synchronized swimming pictures from the London Olympics.


Synchronized swimmers perform during an event to celebrate the birth anniversary of North Korean late leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang February 15, 2013, in this picture provided by Kyodo. The birth anniversary of the late leader Kim falls on Saturday. KYODO/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com:rtrlfive741288

Standing tall in the face of uncertainty, the Vatican City State presses on as the Catholic Church tries to find its new Pope. See more of this story: Who Will Be the Next Pope?

Black poplar trees create their own idea of line, form and graphic design naturally, while England’s Brighton Tattoo Convention adds pops of color onto carefully designed skin.


Helen Taylor from Stoke-upon-Trent poses for a portrait in Brighton, southern England February 16, 2013. Brighton hosts “The Brighton Tattoo Convention” this weekend, an annual two-day gathering which attracts visitors, performers and tattoo artists from around the world. Photograph taken February 16, 2013. TOBY MELVILLE/REUTERS/Newscom. License this image from Newscom.com: rtrlfive744150

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