Kids Shows From the 90’s

Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers) from the PBS show 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood', who famously wore a cardigan on every episode Fred Rogers, from the PBS show 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' USA. PF1 WENN Photos/Newscom. Find it at wennphotostwo932930.

Children’s TV shows from the 90s were arguably some of the best ever. Of course, I’m more than a little bit biased when I say that. But seriously. That was back when TV could be both educational and fun, not just educational or just fun. Take Mr. Rogers Neighborhood for instance. I remember watching him on PBS quite a bit as a small child. I used to always wonder how he could always time his wardrobe change in the title sequence so perfectly every day and would sit, entertained, while he talked about things like making friends and being imaginative. He was so positive and nice, no wonder they made March 20th (today) Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day. But that was just one awesome show from the 90s.

Another one of my all-time favorites was another PBS show, Arthur. Its still running, by the way, if you feel inclined to check it out. Its based on the Arthur books by Marc Brown where the main character is an aardvark. (a-a-r-d-VARK!) He taught me that having fun isn’t hard, if you’ve got a library card. And that having glasses doesn’t automatically make someone a loser, all while having a good, healthy amount of fun. And I’ll admit, I still occasionally watch an episode of Arthur here and there. It definitely brings back the memories.

Buster, known to children as Arthur's best friend on the award-winning PBS series ARTHUR, will star in his own series POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER, premiering on PBS KIDS fall 2004. WGBH/PRN/Newscom. Find it at prnphotos033210.

PBS also used to have a couple of really awesome science shows, Bill Nye the Science Guy (I still get the theme song stuck in my head…Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the Science Guy!) and the Magic School Bus. Bill Nye was just a really goofy individual, but I’m pretty sure his show was one of the reasons I grew up to still love science. And I used to always wish that Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus could be my teacher. The field trips would have been so epic!

Bill Nye has won many Emmys, and served as host of such shows as "The 100 Greatest Discoveries," "The Eye of Nye" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Handout/KRT/Newscom. Find it at krtkidselements005968.

Scholastic Media announced today it will bring The Magic School Bus - the Emmy(R) Award-winning science adventure series based on the wildly popular Scholastic book series - to the Nintendo DS(TM) system for the first time. The Magic School Bus: Oceans invites gamers to hop on the bus and explore an ocean teeming with life. It will be available at retail this fall for $19.99. PR NEWSWIRE/Newscom. Find it at prnphotos108413.

Yet another PBS show I loved was Redwall. I don’t think its very well known, but its based on Brian Jacques’ books about talking mice, rabbits, badgers, and the like. Yes, I did in fact read those books as a middle schooler, which is kind of impressive thinking back on it because they’re like 700 pages long.

rian Jacques: You probably know his name. But do you know his story? Jacques is the author of the hugely popular Redwall books and the creator of the memorable animal characters that inhabit Redwall Abbey and Mossflower Wood. His life story is as fascinating as his tales of medieval mice and other critters that battle for good and evil in the exciting world of Redwall. HANDOUT/KRT/Newscom. Find it at krtkidselements000601.

Yep, PBS shows back in the day pretty much rocked. Granted, we didn’t get cable or satellite at my house so that’s probably why I think so. But other channels had some great kids shows as well. For instance, Disney aired Lizzie McGuire and Recess for a while and Nickelodeon had Jimmy Neutron and Rugrats. I can’t say I watched too much of these other than Lizzie McGuire on weekends, but my friends all thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Hilary Duff is a girl on the go. In case you don't know her by her real name, she's also Lizzie McGuire, the title character of the popular series on the Disney Channel. HANDOUT/KRT/Newscom. Find it at krtkidselements001542.

Spinelli, Vince, Gretchen, T.J., Gus and Mikey star in "Disney's Recess." But at some schools, break time and gym classes are dwindling. HANDOUT/KRT/Newscom. Find it at krtkidselements005519.



And then there was Pokemon. I remember the teachers had to ban Pokemon cards from the classroom because literally EVERYONE had them and would trade back and forth all day long.

he latest cartoon episodes of 'Pokemon 3' Ash Ketchum & friends travel to Greenfield Mountain to meet 'Unown,' the most mysterious of the Pokemon. 4REMI /ZUMA Press/Newscom. Find it at zumaphotos077578.

It kind of makes you miss being a kid, doesn’t it? To see more pictures of kid’s TV shows from back in the day, check out this special collection we’ve put together back at Newscom.

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