These Women Really Like Their Chocolate

Henry Arden/Cultura/Newscom

Female beauty model eating chocolate. Henry Arden/Cultura/Newscom

I realize it’s not original in any way to have some fun with the way stock photography tends to highlight women being overly excited about doing some of the most random things. For example: women laughing alone with salad … I may be the odd one out, but I usually don’t enjoy my salad that much. I did enjoy looking at those photos, though.

As I was putting together images for Valentine’s Day, I felt the need to share pictures of women really enjoying their chocolate.

It’s an interesting set of pictures and I hope you take it lightly. It’s not just that the pictures show these women getting overly excited about chocolate  – which they are – it’s also that the captions with the photos seem so tame compared to the unbridled enthusiasm for chocolate.

Roman Märzinger/Westend61/Newscom

Young woman biting into chocolate bar, smiling . Roman Märzinger/Westend61/Newscom

Patrick Jelen/Westend61/Newscom

Young woman eating chocolate praline. Patrick Jelen/Westend61/Newscom

imago stock&people/Newscom

Lovely woman looking forward to chocolate. imago stock&people/Newscom

Aurelie & Mogan David de Lossy/Cultura/Newscom

Young woman having drink at mountains. Aurelie & Mogan David de Lossy/Cultura/Newscom


Young woman eating chocolate. Westend61/Newscom

Christina Katsari/Newscom

Woman lying on floor eating chocolates. Christina Katsari/Newscom

I realize this is an entirely digital image of a woman. But I just found it so odd that someone would go through the trouble of creating a digital image of a woman in purple camo enjoying her chocolate…

Two more:

Alan Marsh/Design Pics/Newscom

Woman in the bath tub. Alan Marsh/Design Pics/Newscom

Rob Norman/Western Mail and Echo Copyright/Newscom

A picture of a woman eating chocolate. Rob Norman/Western Mail and Echo Copyright/Newscom

I’m nearly convinced that last picture is the bottom of Jessica Biel’s face. Anyone agree?

Sure I like chocolate. And I may even stare at it lovingly before and smile as I’m eating it … but these seemed a little overboard.

Perhaps I’ll try it. You can find more cool stock photography images on Newscom. And, to keep you from consuming more chocolate than is healthy after reading this post, you can distract yourself with these other posts:

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